Tom Carey, "The Yard Sailor", has been conducting professional estate sales all over Cape Cod from Falmouth to P-Town since 1992. Tom and his team are best known for their professionalism, integrity, quality of setup and display, their friendly helpful service to client and customers, as well as their knowledge of pricing and negotiation leading to a successful result.

Featured in Cape Cod Times


Who needs The Yard Sailor?

Real Estate Agents?
Your clients have decided to move to congregate housing. Three rooms instead of ten. THE YARD SAILOR will do it all leaving the home BROOM CLEAN and ready for the new owners.

The family lives in California, and everybody's working. THE YARD SAILOR simplifies what used to be a problem. SO GIVE HIM A CALL TODAY!

The family home is sold and you and your siblings have those things of sentimental value..... who deals with the tool bench, the pots and pans, patio furniture, and the snow blower? THE YARD SAILOR OF BARNSTABLE!

Moving South?
Anyone who is moving and wishes to sell their home's contents. THE YARD SAILOR organizes, displays, and sells it all from the dining room to the cellar. You can just pack your bags and go.

Starting Over?
A fresh start in a new home? Consider selling rather than moving all that stuff, and let the YARD SAILOR do all the work.